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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Wedding

Sure, it has been over a month since the wedding took place but I most certainly am not that far behind in posting this. After all, it can't be that long ago when I still have a piece of cake from the wedding shoved into the back of my refrigerator. (Wow, can't believe I just admitted that.) Back on June 12th, we got to attend the wedding of Bethany and Jeremy. Bethany is Greg's sister and Jeremy, of course, is her new husband.

Of course I could talk about what a wonderful wedding it was. I could talk about how stunning the bride was and how handsome the groom was. I could talk about how in love these two people are and how happy I am that they found each other. I could talk about how seamless the wedding day went and how fun the reception was. But, I won't talk about any of that.

What I really want to talk about is how absolutely adorable their two little ring bearers were. Cutest. Ring bearers. Ever.

Marcus and Will began their preparations for this important job about two weeks ahead of time. Normally I cut their hair myself. I don't do a great job but it is pretty decent. Because this was such a special event, we headed off to get professional haircuts. I purposely went a couple weeks before the event just in case... Marcus's hair turned out great. The lady who cut it asked if I wanted it spiked up. I said, "Sure! That is if you can get it to spike." Marcus has really coarse, straight hair that insists on only going in one precise direction. Apparently this hair place had some really potent hair products because Marcus came home looking like this.

We weren't so lucky with Will's hair. When I got to see the finished product, I was basically mortified. He went from looking like a cool skater dude with some floppy hair to, well, quite dorky. I tried to explain to the lady cutting his hair that that was not what I wanted, and maybe thought she could fix it up a bit. A couple snips later and it was clear that letting her close to my child with a sharp object was a bad decision. It took me about a week before I decided just how to fix up this haircut so Will was back to looking (mostly) like the awesome guy that he is instead of like this:

I have to say, I was a bit nervous about the wedding. You just never know how small children are going to act. I knew in my heart that everyone would understand (and probably laugh) if Marcus and Will decided to run away screaming instead of walking down the aisle nicely. We attended the rehearsal the night before the wedding. When it was Marcus and Will's turn to head down the aisle, Marcus informed me that he just couldn't do it. Thankfully he was holding hands with Will who was more than happy to help Marcus overcome his fear. And that is pretty much how it went on the wedding day too. Will grabbed Marcus's hand and drug him down the aisle. I was standing at the back of the church and I could hear everyone in unison saw, "Awwww!"

Then it was time for pictures. Greg and I clean up pretty good, don't we?

Marcus and Will made themselves right at home with the other men in the wedding party.

I said there would be dancing, and I guess I didn't specify that it would be after dinner.

By the time we did some outside photos, we were all getting pretty tired and hungry. I did lots of begging but this was the best smile I could get out of Marcus.

Hey look! A helicopter!

The bride and groom gave each of the boys a little bag filled with small toys so they could be entertained during the day. They used the crayons and coloring books while the ceremony went on and dug back into their bags of fun while the formalities of the reception took place. Turns out that their little treat bags provided a bit of fun for everyone in attendance. Marcus and Will each got a new airplane that everyone enjoyed watching them fly around the dance floor while we waited for dinner to finish up.

It wasn't our plan, but we stayed at the wedding until the very end, even longer than Bethany and Jeremy did. Marcus is always one to party hard and crash hard and he just kept dancing and playing all night long. Will hit a wall at one point. He and I found a quiet place to rest up for a short time and then he was ready to go again. It was a great day to get to spend with family and share in the love of two people that are special to us.

At 4:32 AM, Blogger DrDrama said...

Seriously, I started tearing up during this post because I can't believe how much the boys are growing! They are absolute heartbreakers.

At 6:53 PM, Blogger RD said...

love your little ring bearers. so cute!!


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