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Friday, November 30, 2007

Mario Patrick is Home!!

An online "friend" of mine, The Lesko Family, were united with their little boy Mario Patrick yesterday! I JUST found out and I am sooooo excited! Mario was adopted from Guatemala but they opted to have him brought to the US by an escort so there were a lot of uncertainties about when exactly he would be home. I am so happy that they don't have to wait any longer. Stop by their blog and tell them how excited you are!


Cookbook Update!

All the cookbooks are printed and should arrive at our house early next week. We will get them packaged and shipped ASAP and you will definitely have them by Christmas! We had to order a ton extra so if you would like another one or know someone that wants one, please let us know.

I am so excited to finally get these books! It has been almost as long as a wait as the adoption itself! I'll keep everyone updated on when the books should be headed from my doorstep to yours.

If you still want to order a cookbook you can do so by clicking here. Or you can email me at anniemwk6@hotmail.com.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Lastest Events

Since we changed our way of making our photos public and I wasn't sure how to post pictures anymore, I haven't been able to share lots and lots of fabulous photos. I'm back though, and this time with pictures! There really isn't much to say that I haven't said already that doesn't involve pictures. William is adjusting quite well. He sleeps great which is a must in this family. He has spent several days protesting story reading before nap and bedtime, but his protests are getting weaker. He didn't eat a whole lot at first which I think was mainly because of his cold and maybe partly because of adjusting this his new family. Tonight we couldn't shovel it in fast enough! Now, on to the pictures of what we have been up to around here!

Oh, one little disclaimer here. I am really not as ugly as these pictures make me out to be. I have been way uglier these past few days than normal because I don't have to shower daily, I don't have to get out of my pj's and sweats, and I certainly do not need to fix my hair or wear makeup under any circumstances. My current favorite wardrobe piece is my hat that you will see I am sporting in several of the photos. I am wearing it now actually too.

So, here is what we have been up to.

Singing silly songs with my boys:

Marcus still loves doing what William is doing. Quite often we have simultaneous sippy cup drinking. It isn't even good enough to drink together in the same room. Marcus insists on sitting right next to William when they sip.

My in-laws visited last Saturday. Unfortunately William was feeling rather under the weather from his cold and Marcus was getting the cold and wasn't particularly chipper either. I didn't get a single picture of my in-laws with the kids because they were just too grumpy. No, the in-laws weren't grumpy. The kids were. The kids weren't being the least bit social. Guess my in-laws will just have to come back again. Yay!

The kids were feeling much better on Sunday when my parents visited. My mom bought Marcus and William a couple of shirts and used some iron on "things" she found to get across just the right message. They are kinda hard to read in the photos but Marcus's shirt says, "I'm the Big Brother" and William's shirt says, "I'm the Baby Brother".

My mom holding William for the first time:

William and William checking out each other. (One is my dad and the other is my son. You figure out which is which.) My dad had fallen asleep on our couch and I was trying to plop down William next to him without waking him up but it didn't really work.

More simultaneous sipping:

As you might have picked up, it kinda happened that Greg let our pooch outside the one night. Our yard is fenced in and I have the best dog in the world anyway. Only problem was that it was dark outside. Our dog is black. We can't always see her at the back door. Most of the time she will bark softly to let us know that she wants in if we don't check on her. She didn't the other night. It was cold. It was raining. She was outside for about 2 hours before she finally let us know she was out there. We just assumed that she was hiding from the kids and taking a nap somewhere else in the house. I am totally a bad doggie momma! Of course once we realized our mistake, I toweled her off and spoiled her rotten. I couldn't have her staying so cold!

Monday night football involved the Steelers. Even though both kids slept through the whole game, we had to teach William the importance of pre-gaming... for like the entire day.

Marcus and William cooked up some stew in a formula can (using train tracks to stir) for a tailgating treat.

Kids on their heads:

Marcus taught William how to use the Roll Around Dinosaur. As you can see Marcus was waiting patiently for William to get it just right.

More standing on one's head. (Please focus only on the cute kid in the foreground.)

We blew bubbles recently too.

We have actually been out of the house too. I was trying to avoid leaving much at all and stocked up on everything we would need so when William got home, we could just chill out at home. It was a great plan except that what it ended up I needed was to get out of my house! I HATE going to the grocery store but decided that it was as good of a place as any for our first outing. Everything went fine. No one cried. One Wednesday we decided to hit the mall. I am calling it a successful trip because we all made it home safely. It wasn't pretty the whole time though. About halfway through the mall William decided that he was done with the stroller. I didn't want to pick him up because then Marcus would just want to be picked up and then we would have two crying kids. Greg and I ended up taking our cues on what to do from Marcus. Marcus just got himself out of the way of the squirming, fussy kid next to him and enjoyed the mall. Sure, just about everyone we passed had to stop and check out our giant stroller filled with two kids. Even though one of them was crying, every single person flashed us a smile and said, "Awww!" Eventually William realized that the stroller was not torturing him and he ended up enjoying the rest of the ride. One funny thing that happened was that at one point, Greg had run over to look at something through a store window. So it was just me and the massive stroller with two kids. This woman from a store saw us coming, looked at the stroller, looked at me, and looked at the stroller again. She told me to hold on a second. She ran into her store and came out with a pamphlet for me. It was a pamphlet on the massage services her store offered. How did she know I needed that! Here we are headed into the mall. I can't believe Greg took this picture. He is so embarrassing sometimes :)

We have been trying to take some time at least some days where Greg and I each take one kid to get some one-on-one time. Marcus and I are incredible block builders when you leave us alone.

Today we took an outing to Target. William's foster family gave us three disposable cameras that we had left with them, full of pictures. Hopefully we will be able to see what our little guy has been up to these past few months without us. We plan to pick the pictures up tomorrow. The trip was quite a success. Not only did we all make it home safely, but no one even cried this time. Greg and I were able to finish our Christmas shopping... almost.

This evening we got out this little sun dome that a friend of mine bought Marcus for my baby shower. I asked for it to use at the beach but we haven't made it there yet. Hopefully next summer. Until then it is fun to pull out and play in.

The boys were having so much fun in the tent that I wanted to get in too. Then so did the pooch.

I am sure that all of this looks like we just have fun all the time and everything around here is perfect (apart from a little story time rejection and mall crying). It really isn't always just sunshine. Greg and I have certainly lost our tempers these past few days. I know it is not something I am proud of but it does happen. Sometimes Marcus just won't listen. Sometimes William won't stop that horrible shrieking that he does. Sometimes you just don't have enough hands. We had a little incident tonight. Things were revving up and I could feel myself going over the edge. William was winding up for his evening meltdown that we have come to expect. Marcus would just not cooperate while I was trying to get him lotioned up after bath and into his pj's. Greg was off trying to get the evening snack ready. I could feel myself on the verge of losing it. One thing I always try to remember is that God will never give you more than you could handle. God must have known right about then that I was nearing my breaking point. About all I could handle at that point was a big old laugh. That is exactly what I got.

I was fighting to keep Marcus on the changing table and I could feel William climbing up my leg. I tried really hard to get the door of the changing table closed before William could get to its contents. I failed. William got his little fingers on the worst thing that was in there - the opened trial sized bottle of lotion from our trip that I was trying to use up. William was completely unphased by the results. I busted up laughing as I yelled to Greg, "Come quick! And bring the camera!!" This was the result.



I have been tagged by Auntie G, a wonderful woman adopting Johanna Faith from Guatemala. I am supposed to tell you all 8 interesting things about me. I don't know if they will be interesting but they will hopefully be things you don't already know.

1. I can move my ears.

2. I can move my pinkie toes without moving my other toes. This one takes lots of concentration though.

3. I have a minor in anthropology. I was seriously considering heading either to Europe or Africa one summer in college to go on an archeology dig. Instead I decided to go to the Virginia shore for a marine ecology class since my major was way more focused on ecology than on cultural findings.

4. I love to read almost anything, but my favorite books are about religious beliefs different from my own and books with lots of bad things that happen. Really, I am a happy person!

5. I like my dog more than most people. Sadly, I am allergic to her, and sometimes we end up so distracted at our house we may have, possibly, totally on accident left her outside in the cold rain for about two hours... maybe.

6. I love the beach.

7. I have been to Singapore. It is near Indonesia in case you were wondering. It was a really really really really long plane ride.

8. Once when I was a kid I decided to run away. I don't even think my parents knew about it, mainly because I got about halfway through my yard and decided it probably wasn't the best decision so I came back. Maybe if I had been a little more prepared and actually packed a bag and had some food or something it would have worked out a little differently. Probably not though. My family is crazy but that is what makes me love them so much.

I am tagging: Amy, Cara, and Melissa. I think I need more blogging friends so I can stop tagging all the same ones. I might have tagged Amanda too but I think I'll give her a break since she is like 30 months pregnant.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogging By Numbers

1. Yes, I am still here. I have read a lot of blogs of people who are adopting and as soon as their adoption is complete, the blog disappears. Not me. I am stuck here for life. Besides, we might even be foolish enough to some day (some day far in the future) pursue adoption again so I will keep blogging. If you haven't noticed, sometimes I even blog about things other than adoption too! I'm sure there will be more of that.

2. Do not fear, we had dessert on Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law specifically asked my friends not to bother with dessert because my mother-in-law was baking us a cake. It was quite a fabulous cake with her fantastic chocolate icing too! Silly me made a joke about not getting pumpkin pie on an earlier blog which apparently created all this upheaval and everyone thought I wasn't joking and I was really an ungrateful jerk. It turned out well though since my mother-in-law, in a HUGE effort to make sure we were not without pumpkin pie this holiday season, stayed up really late one night and baked us a pumpkin pie. The moral of the story is that me being a jerk paid off. I got cake AND pie!

3. Greg decided that we needed a new way to display pictures on our website. I don't know about this new way yet. We have taken a TON of pictures but until I figure out where he went, you will have to wait for me to post more pictures of my absolutely adorable family.

4. The kids got colds. First it was William and he was thoughtful enough to share his germs with Marcus. Somehow Greg and I avoided full blown colds. Friday night William was miserable and ended up sleeping in bed with us. I was always one of those people that couldn't ever think that there was a good thing about cosleeping at all. Then I actually educated myself on it and discovered that it is something of great benefit, particularly for adopted children who need that little boost of bonding. William ended up getting some sleep Friday night so that made me happy. What didn't make me happy though is that the few times we have had the "family bed", I have gotten no sleep. As much as I want to bond with my child and as fabulous a feeling it is to have my little guy cuddled up with me, in the long run I don't think that cosleeping is a good idea for our family. I just cannot be a happy, alert, and good mom when I don't have any sleep. This set up a rough time on Saturday night because William wanted again to sleep in our bed. It broke my heart and went against everything I have ever read concerning adoption, but instead of responding to his "need" to be held, Greg was left with the task of rubbing William's back until he finally fell asleep. I couldn't participate in this activity because I was crying myself (and SOOO tired). The good news is that William hasn't fought going to sleep since. Knock on wood.

5. Our first visitors came on Saturday - my mother-in-law (with a pumpkin pie), father-in-law, and sister-in-law. We were happy to see that there were people in the outside world. Unfortunately, William was still somewhat sleep deprived and Marcus was getting the cold so neither kid was all that friendly to our guests. I didn't even get a single picture of William being held by his extended family.

6. My parents - our second set of visitors - came on Sunday. William was feeling much happier and I did get some photos, but I just don't know how to share them yet. My mom also picked up this gift for us. I had seen chairs I wanted to get the kids but they haven't been in stock for so long. The chairs we are giving the kids though look so much more fun! I can't wait to play with them. Thanks mom for finding these for us.

7. By Monday I was going crazy and needed to get out of the house. I hate grocery shopping but the activity seemed appealing for once. Marcus is kinda famous at our local grocery store. Everyone knows him and loves him. For this reason I was not looking forward to seeing all of the employees of the grocery store and needing to explain a million times where this second kid came from. Greg and I were at the grocery store around 8:30am, which meant that no one was there, including any of the employees that know Marcus. William was content riding in the cart and checking out the sites. We were able to find one of those massive carts that has two seats attached for kids and get both boys on there. All was well, although I don't foresee anytime soon that I will be making a trip to the grocery store with both kids and no Greg.

8. I didn't talk about it at all but I went through some PAD (post-adoption depression) when Marcus came home. It lasted a couple of weeks and when we finally started to get into a routine it was a thing of the past. I was really dreading this first month with William at home expecting that this huge change in our lives would trigger another case. I really think I am going to be okay though. I wasn't sure for a few days there and I had a few moments of no patience and knowing I was really not being a good mom/wife/person. A lot of that I attribute to my lack of sleep because after I got rested, I felt like a new person. I also made an important decision. I really haven't been doing much around the house (only have cooked once, laundry is piled up, the place is a mess, still haven't unpacked a single thing from our trip). All of that was kinda looming over my head. Yesterday I made the decision that until I am ready to decide otherwise, the only things I need to worry about right now is taking care of my kids and taking care of myself. Once I made the conscious decision not to care about anything else, it has really made a difference. I feel like I can be a good mom to both of my kids.

9. I never really understood all the times I have read about adoptive families just hanging out and "getting to know" their newly adopted child. I think I have probably even said the words myself but what did it really mean? I finally figured it out, mainly because I really feel like I am getting to know William. And it works both ways. William is getting to know us. I have kind of had this fear of the unknown with him. Like, will he cry if I do this? will he stop crying if I try this? if I say "no" will he totally ignore me? will he flip out if I pick him up? if he does cry how will I feel? After trying out all these scenarios several times at this point, I am starting to know what the answers will be. I can tell now when he wants to be held. There are two times during the day when he seems really cranky and nothing seems to help. I have figured out what helps. I feel like I am really getting to know him and the intensity and the amount of unknowns is starting to dwindle. We still have more things to figure out but we are certainly on an upswing.

10. I love watching Marcus and William together. Marcus is doing a great job of being a nice big brother. He still takes toys from William on rare occasions but his jealousy is much less than I expected. William is obsessed with Marcus and always wants to see what he is up to. Sometimes Marcus misinterprets William's curiosity and thinks his current game or toy is about to be invaded. Mostly it all goes well. Marcus is obsessed with William as well. Marcus has been doing a lot of mimicking of behavior so he is quite excited to have someone else to mimic. The other night we were on a parade to the bedroom to get ready for bath time. I was walking down the hall and Marcus was walking behind me. William was behind Marcus (curious as to what he was about to do) and was crawling after us. Marcus spotted him crawling, stopped, and Marcus started crawling too. I have some pictures of some other mimicking behavior between the two but that will have to wait. Another quick story though, while my in-laws were here, we will all eating pumpkin pie and drinking coffee and William was drinking some milk from his sippy cup. The milk was coming right out of the corners of his mouth, running right down the apparently non-absorbent bib, and landing on his lap. Marcus noticed what was going on and got to work at fixing the problem. He found a spare napkin from our pie eating, grabbed it up, and ran over to where William was on the floor and started mopping up his lap. What a great guy that Marcus is!


Friday, November 23, 2007

Pictures as Promised

William catching a nap before the big trip to America.

The plane to take us to America.

On the plane to America.

When in America, do as Americans do - eating fries.

Playing with blocks.

Playing with this thing.

Showing William how big boys sit on the potty. (Big boys don't actually use the potty but they sit there.)

Snack time. This is about the time when Marcus started to find William fun. Marcus started mimicking everything that William would do. Much of snack time involved Marcus and William making that stereotypical American Indian sound. Then William decided to do that ear piercing fabulous scream that he does and Marcus tried to outdo him. That was fun too...

Hopkin Blue Frog and William.

Grammy bought the kids some really great coming home presents. This one was to commemorate William's first Thanksgiving. Thank you so much!

Playing go go cars.

Hanging out with/on Mommy.

Playing "Row row" together.

Checking out the backyard.

Trains are cool too.

All that playing made the kids tired. It was time for story time before nap. This was a bit of a challenge but doable. Marcus knows to sit back, leave the book alone, and let me read. William doesn't know this. I spent story time with my hand out as far as I could reach so William couldn't steal the book and trying to convince Marcus that just because William was coming after the book didn't mean it was okay for Marcus to come after it too.

Thanksgiving dinner arrived during nap and it was ready to go for our 3:00 meal. Thank you my fabulous friends!

The spread.

William's first Thanksgiving dinner.

Marcus enjoying much more of the fixins' this year than he did last year.

Burning off that big meal with more playing.

Time with mommy.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I'm going to try to make this quick since I am exhausted, but I am also long-winded so who knows.

This was the best Thanksgiving ever! I have never had so much to be thankful for. We arrived safely (and early) last night/this morning. We were welcomed home with balloons on the mailbox, flowers on our table, and two very excited grandmas. William was being shy (a rare occurrence) since he was so tired. It took him a little bit to calm down and fall asleep. I was so tired myself, and just overcome with all kinds of emotions. After William was asleep I went to find my mommy who was sleeping on the couch. I don't care how old you are, but when you are tired and emotional, you just want to have your mommy. I gave my mommy a huge hug (crying all the while) and thanked her a billion times for helping my mother-in-law take such wonderful care of Marcus while Greg and I were busy getting the newest family member home. I am sorry I didn't get to thank my mother-in-law as much (actually I could NEVER thank either of them enough) for all the hard work they put in this past week. Thank you thank you thank you!!

I couldn't get to sleep for a little while last night which was insane since I was dead tired. This morning Marcus woke me up. He was in complete shock when I went in his room. He just stood there frozen, smiling from ear to ear for about 2 straight minutes. Most of the rest of the day, all things considered, he was pretty normal. He was a bit more cuddly than usual and insisted on being on me or Greg (usually in the form of crawling all over us or hugging my legs). He did have a couple meltdowns today but that was to be expected. His space was suddenly invaded. His parents just came back after six days of being gone. He has a molar poking through his gums. And he was too excited to take much of a nap today.

William did a lot of sleeping today. We have decided to pretty much force Marcus's general schedule on him in hopes to give us all some down time (you know, so I can blog). It might mean that William ends up getting up super early tomorrow. I just put them both down for bed and William isn't used to going to bed until about 2.5 hours from now. Wish us luck (and sleep).

I think we are all going to work out great as a happy little family. There were a few tiffs today over who was playing with which toy and Marcus wanting to smush William with hugs when William didn't want any. But, there was also a lot of interaction between the two. We were playing "Row row", one of Marcus's favorite games in which he sticks out his arms to anyone and everyone and says, "Row row!" Then we sing "Row, row, row your boat" while rocking back and forth. I did the game with Marcus, then William, then Marcus again. Then Marcus stuck his hands out to William and said, "Row row!!" Marcus and William held hands and they did "Row row" together. (Pictures will follow of this obscene cuteness at some point.) After that round of "Row row" ended, Marcus ran over to the pooch and yelled at her, "Row row!"

One sad thing, I didn't get to spend Thanksgiving with my family this year. My immediate family (including their offspring, two aunts, an uncle, and some cousins) were mostly gathered at my sister's. Greg's family was at his mom's house. We were here. I did call my sister though to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving while everyone was still there. I wasn't the least bit concerned with not getting a proper Thanksgiving meal. That was until my mom and Greg's mom told us this morning not to worry about cooking today because our Thanksgiving meal would be delivered.

Huh? They wouldn't give us any other clues. I had no idea what to expect. Even the prospect of getting some pizza delivered today to save me from having to feed myself made me a very happy person.

Greg and I somehow managed to get both kids to take a nap at the same time this afternoon and in the midst of their nap, Greg yelled to me that I had visitors. There was Amanda and Carrie at my door. At first was I slightly perturbed since they showed up unannounced (when I specifically told anyone who was going to show up to at least call first) and I hadn't showered or brushed my teeth for 36 hours AND I was still in my pj's AND I had only had about 5 hours of sleep in the past 36 hours. Then it all hit me. THEY WERE THE ONES DELIVERING THE FOOD!! All my knitting friends were together last weekend and it occurred to Cara that we wouldn't get a Thanksgiving dinner. So with lots of good brains put together, Cara, Amanda, Carrie, Amy, Rachel, and Camille all pitched in. We were presented with a full Thanksgiving dinner from Boston Market - a dinner for TEN PEOPLE!! Yeah, I cried. I really have the best friends ever!!! Carrie and Amanda had been gloating about how they would get to see William first but the trick was on them since he was sleeping. They were out the door in a hurry though, determined to let us enjoy the food and time with our newest family member. Greg and I got to work getting everything heated up for our meal which included, a WHOLE turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, and cornbread. Might I remind you, the meal was for Greg, myself, Marcus, and William. That adds up to about 2.4 people. NOT TEN. We have enough food to last us several days which is extremely exciting. The food was great. Marcus was covered in stuffing and mashed potatoes. And my friends are AWESOME!! Although the jerks didn't include a pumpkin pie or maid service to clean up afterwards :)

I'll surely post lots and lots of pictures of today's events soon but I must get to bed. Besides, I said this was going to be quick and it definitely was not.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Dinner Incident

I forgot to mention the entertainment that we had at dinner last night. Most of the staff here knows English which is very fortunate since I know about 5 words in Spanish. It is still quite amazing how well I have managed to communicate with the only Spanish speaking people around here. Like the guy at the smoothie bar in the mornings. He knows about 5 English words yet still he always is able to make me the smoothie that I wanted. Things didn't work out so smoothly last night for dinner.

Greg and I both ordered a club sandwich and I decided not to eat all my fries. I figured I would bring them back to the room with me for a nice little snack today. A waitress came to our table and I pointed to the fries and said, "May I have a box please?" She looked confused, then smiled and said, "Si." As she walked away I whispered to Greg that I would never see those fries again. She came back (without my fries) and asked, "Dessert? Coffee?" Greg and I had decided that for a little treat we would each have a scoop of ice cream. I told her I wanted vanilla ice cream and I could tell she was quite confused. Then she looked at Greg. Greg said he wanted the same thing that I ordered. She was confused. He said, "Vanilla ice cream." She was confused. He pointed at me and said, "Two." The waitress said, "Si," and left. I whispered to Greg, "I wonder what you are going to get!" A few minutes later a waiter showed up with our check. Or at least a check. It wasn't our check. Our ice cream was taking a really long time and finally we flagged down the waiter and told him that we had the wrong check, that ours should have had two club sandwiches, two cokes, and two ice creams. Just as he was walking away to fix the check, out came the waitress. She had my vanilla ice cream and she put in front of Greg a HUGE banana split. Greg probably would have just eaten it but the thing was so big it probably cost $10. We started laughing and Greg told the waitress, "No. Not this. Just ice cream. Just one of those." All the while he was pointing at my ice cream. The waitress said, "Si," and walked away. A minute later the waiter showed up with our almost correct check, only this one only said 1 ice cream. We decided that Greg just wasn't going to get his ice cream which was not a big deal since it wasn't something either of us HAD to have. I finished off my ice cream and we started to leave. But not so fast because the waiter was headed our way. I just totally busted up when I saw what he had. He reached out and handed Greg a banana! Greg started laughing at that point too and was saying, "No, no." We hurried up to leave before they brought us something else.

Just to clarify, never once during the whole conversation did anyone ever say anything about a banana or a banano. On the way back to the room Greg brought to our attention the Spanish lesson of the day. If a person has a banana split and points to ice cream, it means, "Take what I have here and subtract the ice cream."


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hittin' the Road

I've been hanging out and enjoying William too much on this trip to really post much. Today was a boring day for the most part anyway. We pretty much just had to hang out and wait for the Visa to be brought to us by our attorney's office. We spent most of the time in the kid's lounge. Someone had left behind a Baby Sitter's Club book, Kristy's Big Day to be exact. I read so many of those books when I was a kid and picked up this one just to read a page or two while William and Greg were having some one on one time. I remembered most of the book... and ended up reading the whole darn thing today.

On our last trip we started calling William "Smiles" because that is mostly all he did. That aspect of him hasn't changed much since our last trip as I am sure you can tell from most of our photos of the little cheeseball. I decided to dress him accordingly this time around.

As I am sure most people with 11 month olds will tell you, they are always on the move. As much as I have just wanted to snuggle up with William this whole trip, he just has had too much exploring to do. The best part of my day was when he decided that sitting on my lap for about 30 minutes was the best possible use of his time. Greg probably thought I was being a William hog but I had to seize the moment!

We have run into two families that we met on our last trip here. It was nice to see them again. We also have spent a little time with another family that we met during the adoption process. William was quite smitten with their little girl Lola tonight... but mainly because of her car.

This car was awesome! It was remote control so Lola's big brother was remotely at the wheel while the kids went for a ride (looking lovingly into each other's eyes and holding hands along the way).

It was a bit dark but Greg did capture a little video of the ride on camera.

Tomorrow we are heading back to the states! We are so anxious to get home and start being a family of four. I have spent so much time this trip thinking about how fortunate we are to get to have William (and Marcus too of course) in our lives. My heart goes out to all those families still waiting.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Mucho Fotos

I have no clue if that is proper Spanish, or Spanish at all really, but anyway, here are the photos I promised.

Our view from our hotel room.

William's foster family and us.

Meeting his new family is exhausting.

Meeting his new family makes him hungry too.

But after he has napped and was fed, he just couldn't be happier with his new family.

Greg and William getting ready to go to the Embassy.

The camera always makes William smile. Well, everything really makes him smile.

Back from the Embassy. William and I were tired.

Now that he is adopted, it is time to be cute again!

I was trying to type an email to Amanda. I just couldn't get through it though. Really, how could I sit there and type when this is what was hanging on my leg?