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Saturday, July 14, 2012

25 Things

I sure have said (or Greg has said) a lot of things that were never said before kids. For past links, follow these links.

Here is the latest 25 things that we never said until we had kids. 301. Potato broke his arm. Not Tortilla. 302. I'm not sure what makes guys with tongues more desirable than guys without. 303. That's not a fireman's pole. That's your penis. 304. Tornadoes don't have moms. 305. We don't drink out of the dog's bowl. 306. I guess I'll smell you when you come out of your cave. 307. Please don't do the crocodile spin while you're covered in poop. 308. I don't mind. I'll nurse a giraffe. 309. Aren't you afraid the lion will bite off your penis? 310. Your brother's penis didn't hurt itself. 311. Just thought you should know, there's a Muslim in the ball pit. 312. You can't be sad when I have pants for a hat. 313. There is no comb fairy. And if there was, he'd wear corduroy pants. 314. All your friends will be at school stretching and growing while you're at home all teeny tiny and stiff. 315. Are you poopy? Or is that your breath? 316. Quiet. Both of you. Or I start taking animals. 317. Not every boy named Tucker knows how to find ninjas. 318. I'm pretty sure the shirt is not interested in how you wear it. 319. Don't lick your brother's head. 320. Now we have a dog covered in cheese. 321. I'm trying to raise you to be a gentleman, not a wild animal or... a hobo. 322. The vacuum is not a bath toy. 323. That is not a bidet. 324. You're going to get orse in the dog water. 325. What are you doing!?!? That is not a teether! That is a toilet!!


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