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Sunday, June 08, 2008

25 (even more) Things

To see the rest of the list of this list, go here and here.

Things I Never Said Until I Had Kids:
51. No more flying. It's quiet relaxing time.
52. I think you explored your nipple enough for one evening.
53. Tell your brother you are sorry for running him over with the lawn mower.
54. Quit sticking the screwdriver in your ear.
55. I think that's the first time I have ever seen someone fall into the refrigerator.
56. Use your fork correctly or you're going to be a baboon.
57. You don't really need to chew on that man.
58. Now we have a missing monkey. That's just fantastic.
59. Have you ever seen Mommy stick a bubble blower in her mouth?
60. Wow! Triangle shaped poo! Now that's impressive!
61. No! I don't want a phone-smacker in my lap!
62. Don't put Dora in the dishwasher.
63. Why are your shorts around your knees?
64. If you don't start listening to Mommy right now, I'm not going to let you get your haircut.
65. Don't throw frogs at the TV.
66. [Sorry, I couldn't post this one. Greg said something really bad and I would like to protect his innocence.]
67. Get your food off the wall.
68. Your brother is not a pony.
69. Quit slapping my back fat!
70. Don't stick hammers in Mommy's cleavage.
71. These monkey holes are farther apart than the puppy holes.
72. Get the bacon off your head.
73. If Mommy gets hit by a flying dog she is going to be really mad.
74. You don't take things off the stove even if it is a zebra.
75. Your food does not go into the sky.


At 11:09 PM, Blogger cara said...

rotflmao.... i love love love: quit slapping my back fat!


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