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Friday, February 23, 2007

New Things

First, to get it out of the way, no update on Alejadro yet. Still waiting...

So what have we been doing while we have been waiting? Marcus has been working on new and exciting ways to communicate with us. The old ways were just laughing and crying mostly. Now he cries, screams, whines, and does this very loud and very annoying grunting/screaming/whining noise that makes you want to insert earplugs for all eternity. Oh yeah, total joy. Part of the noise making is due to frustration. He tries to do things that either can't be done but he doesn't realize this, or he just hasn't totally developed the skills to do them. I can understand his frustration. However, his reasons for making these new noises most of the time is a complete mystery to Greg and me. For example, we will be playing. We will all be having a great time. Marcus might even let out a few laughs. Then without warning he just starts screaming and crying. These aren't the kinds of cries that indicate he is hungry or tired. These are the kinds of cries he has when he has just tipped over onto his head. Yet, he didn't even move, let alone tip over onto his head. Then as quickly as he started, he stops. Usually he goes right back into whining or that splendid grunting/screaming/whining noise we all love.

Yesterday Marcus and I headed up to Rainy Day Play Center. I have heard from several people what a wonderful place it was. I couldn't possibly believe them and had to check it out for myself. Turns out, the rumors are true. This place is great! We met up with Sarah and Rachel. Sarah contacted me once after reading my blog. She adopted her daughter Rachel from Guatemala several months prior to us adopting Marcus. This was the first time I got to meet Sarah and Rachel in person. We talked non-stop about parenting and adoption. I love hanging out with other moms and talking about kids, but this was the first time I really got to spend time with another adoptive parent since we were in Guatemala. There are things that only other adoptive parents can really understand. So Sarah, if you read this, thanks!

Back to Rainy Day Play Center. This place is great! (Did I say that already?) First of all, adults are free and so are children under the age of 2. We more than got our money's worth considering we didn't spend a dime to get in! There are several play areas with different themes. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen/store area where Marcus chewed on plates and Rachel ran around and tried to escape. Then we headed over to the toddler area. Marcus was so excited as we neared, he started pushing off of me so I would put him down to play. Then we ate lunch. The staff there was great! Since I had never been there before, they came to check on me to make sure I didn't have any questions. Then when we discovered that there were no tables to eat at, a staff member directed us to a party room and even took a high chair over for us! After lunch, it was time for large motor skill development. (This was mainly for the development of my large motor skills, just for clarification.) We headed to the big, two level jungle gym. There were six sliding boards (Marcus and I hit up 5 of them), a climbing wall, a mirror maze, a room with two big exercise balls inside (Marcus loved these), an obstacle course (which is difficult to maneuver since the ceiling was low and I was carrying a 20+ lb child), and a suspension bridge. I think it is safe to say that I had more fun than Marcus did! There is also a big inflatable jumping "thing". We just bounced along the edge of that though.

It was a great day! I am already making plans to go back next week. Marcus was beat. He only managed to stay awake for about 2 minutes in the car on the way home. I was beat too and ready for a nap when we got home. It is exhausting acting like a kid all day!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So What Are We Waiting For?

Right now, I am waiting. I am waiting again to see an email in my inbox that says something about updated medical information and pictures of Baby A. It is about time for his 2 month checkup. Wow, I have a son that is 2 months old somewhere out there! We got our POA returned to us last week and I found out this week that it is in Guatemala. Hopefully that means that something is happening. We just have to wait for it to happen.

Nothing else much going on around here. The deep freeze is letting up so hopefully that means we will get out of the house a little more. Marcus is waving at anything that moves. Sometimes he waves to the outside when I raise his blind in the morning and after naps. His favorite waving target is the dog. I haven't seen any babies wave like he does. Every little kid wave I have witnessed involves the child opening and closing his fist, normally while his or her hand is pointed towards them. Marcus has got to be different. His hand is wide open and he waves his entire arm. If he is really excited about seeing you and you don't wave back fast enough, he waves both arms! My mom came to visit yesterday and I purposely hadn't mentioned his waving yet. She said hello to Marcus and got a nice hello in return.


Friday, February 16, 2007

POA Revisited

The POA is now in the hands of our agency. Now we wait... and wait... and wait... Alejandro has almost hit the 2 month old mark. That means he is just about due for another doctor's appointment. That means that we are just about due for updated pictures of our sweetheart! I can't wait to see how much he has changed!


Saturday, February 10, 2007

On a Serious Note

Yesterday morning I got the wonderful news that Amy had her baby! A little girl. I am so excited for her. I got the inside scoop and even saw a few pictures. They were a little dark though but oh so cute. I will not say more because one of these days life is going to slow down for her just enough that she will have the time to post all the details on her own blog.

Our POA has been certified and now is on its way to a courier in NYC, Legal-Eaze, for authentication. If anyone is looking for a courier in PA to take things to the Department of State for certification, I highly recommend Pat Steele. We have used her services for both of our adoptions and she is amazingly quick.

So far I am doing just fine with impatience. I guess I just have been through it all before and I know that there is no point in getting impatient yet. I will save up all my impatience for later, hopefully around the time when we are in PGN. Wow... that seems so far away. Okay, maybe I will keep a little impatience running through my blood now.


Born in Guatemala

As many of you probably know, I love music. I love to sing even though I am not very good at it. For years I have been singing to my dog, changing words around to make the songs all the more appealing to her canine ears. Over the last few months, since I have become a mother, I have had to expand my ability to change words to suit my dog to words that are appealing to Marcus as well.

Part of the morning ritual in my household, after breakfast and some free playtime, is playtime between Marcus and me with some background music. In my attempt to keep Barney and other repetitive kids songs off my stereo for as long as possible, Marcus and I play with toys while listening to some wholesome rock 'n roll. This morning, we were listening to Bruce Springsteen, The Boss. We all know him. Once, after a lovely surprise by my dear husband, I was actually able to witness this man perform live in concert, but that is another story. So this morning, Marcus and I were busy building blocks and knocking them down, rolling a ball around the room and chasing after it, and practicing his new developing skill of pulling up. All the while I was singing along to Springsteen. That was until we got to the song on the album, "Born in the USA". Hmm... yes... did not quite apply. Using my quick whit, the song quickly became "Born in Guatemala". It was just at that time when Greg got out of bed and walked into the room. He just shook his head and reached for a donut. He understands.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

POA is Off!

We got our POA last night and I ran around this morning in the chilly weather getting it notarized and sent on its way to couriers for the certification and authorization process. I hate paperwork.

Marcus is learning new things so fast and I am so proud! In the last two days he has learned three new skills. He has figured out how to point, although he doesn't quite get that he can point AT things, he just points around and watches his hands in the pointing position. He has learned how to pull up! He is still rather wobbly at this and doesn't get it every time, but he keeps practicing. He pulls up, then goes right back down so he can try it again! The third thing, he figured out how to use a sippy cup. This is huge because I was getting frustrated. I have been giving him a sippy cup for the past month or so, just letting him play with it in hopes that he would figure it out. I have been giving him some guidance but nothing. Yesterday I bought a couple different styles of sippy cups and figured I would give him some time with each one and see what happened. I figured it would take him a week at the very least to figure it out. Within a minute he was smiling and had milk on his cheeks! I was so happy I thought I was going to cry! Now I just have to get out and get more of that style of cup.

He's waking up from his nap so it is off!



Monday, February 05, 2007

Introducing Alejandro!

Last week we received a referral of a little boy named Alejandro. It was love at first sight so of course we accepted. When Marcus saw the picture he started waving his arms in the air and screaming with excitement! Alejandro was born on December 19, 2006 and weighed 8 lbs 2 oz. And he is such a cutie!

I can't get over how different he and Marcus look. Not that I expected them to look the same. Just looking at their 1 month photos side-by-side the differences are so drastic. Marcus had a ton of hair and Alejandro had dusting. Alejandro's even looks lighter. Their eyes are different shape as well as their faces. Their skin tone is different. They both have one great thing in common though. They have a mom and dad that love them very much!

We are playing the "name game" again so you can try your luck at guessing what first name we are going to give to this little boy. If you aren't there already, go to our website for details and play! We wont be revealing what we are going to name him until all the squares are sold.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Holy Smokes, We Have a 10 Month Old!

And by that, I don't mean that I was all that surprised that our little boy is growing up so fast. Yes, it is rather amazing because it seems like just yesterday we were getting our first glimpse at his newborn pictures. And no, I cant believe that he has been home for 3 months. But, I mean, holy smokes, 10 month olds sure are crazy!

I don't know much about the day that Marcus was born. I don't know how much he weighed that day or how long he was. I don't know what time of day he was born. However, I decided that he must have been born in the afternoon. This morning I had my nice sweet baby boy that was all smiles and cuddles and played so nicely with his toys. This afternoon he turned into a wild 10 month old who was chasing the dog, doing things that he knows he can't, but only doing them if we were watching him so he could get us to respond, and moving and shaking non-stop and uncontrollably. I have been saying for the last month that he has been into everything. I was wrong. He was into things, but not everything. After he officially crossed over to the age of a 10 month old this afternoon, he found all new things to get into. Most of the evening was spent with him scooting his way over to the pooch, one of us picking him up and placing him somewhere else in hopes of distraction, and then watching him thrust toys out of his way like Godzilla as he made his way back to the pooch. I have been thinking that I need to get more exercise but this isn't exactly the workout that I envisioned.

Yesterday - when Marcus was a nice calm 9 month old - he and I took a little outing. I had some business to wrap up at work, something that should have taken me about 2 minutes. This was Marcus's first visit to my place of employment and we were swarmed. First it was all the women in the HR department. Then it was everyone in the unit where I had been working. Then it was the people in the unit where I will be working when I return. That is in addition to all the people that stopped me in the halls on my way from one place to the next. Marcus was happy of course, loving the attention, flashing smiles to everyone that he saw. I was happy too, but exhausted after answering all the same questions over and over again. I had Marcus in my fabulous sling which was a lifesaver, but my back is still hurting a bit today. Over an hour after I got there to accomplish my 2 minute piece of business, we were finally heading for the car, but not until another coworker stopped me in the parking lot!