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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Staycation 2012 - Day 6 and 7

Day 6 - Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium
Off to the zoo we went. Everyone else was there too. I have never been to the zoo on a day that busy before in my life! I'm pretty sure that everyone in all of the tri-state area was having a staycation the entire week we were.

Aaron and Sean are loving animals at this stage so I was excited to take them to the zoo. They were pretty excited to see the animals. They made monkey sounds, elephant sounds, and pounded their chests like gorillas at the appropriate time. Sean also made sounds of protest when I tried to get a picture of them all looking into the sun.
These two are good buddies.
Got up close and personal with a shark.

Day 7 - GPAFG Picnic
On our last day of staycation 2012, we went to the annual picnic hosted by our local Guatemala adoption group (GPAFG). We were all pretty tired by that time but we also know how important it is to our kids to see other families that are all different colors just like their family. Plus, there was a playground and I didn't have to cook! And a pinata! IMG_1767
I think there were about 25 families at the picnic this year. All the families have one more children that were adopted from Guatemala. Always fun to see how the kids have grown from year to year. Usually when we take the kids to the playground, it is easy to spot Marcus and Will's dark hair and skin in a crowd of Caucasian kids. Greg picked out brightly colored matching shirts for them to wear to the GPAFG because in a crowd of other Guatemalan kids, looking for dark hair kids wasn't going to necessarily lead us to our own kids.

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