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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yes, We are Here

Long time, no blog. Hey, it's summer. There is stuff going on that is blog-worthy, so I have just been doing them and not following up with the blogging. Oops. I promise I'll be back!


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Writing Practice

Marcus has been practicing his writing skills every day. He has an activity book that works with lots of preschool skills that he enjoys doing. We make sure to practice his name each day too. He now flies through writing both his first and last name with no help. For the first time this week he was able to write his more complicated middle name, Enrique, all by himself with no help.

We also usually write one or two random words of his choice to practice other letters of the alphabet. One of this favorite words to write is Bear, which is the name of his special bear.

Then he said he wanted to write the name of his other bear. Only problem was that the only name we have for his other bear is Other Bear. So that is what he wrote. I told him I wanted to take a picture. He has been going through a bit of a jerk phase so it was no surprise that by the time I got back with the camera he had started erasing what he had written.


Monday, June 07, 2010

Born in Guatemala

**If you haven't seen the news, the people of Guatemala could really use your help. They were hit with a tropical storm that has caused a lot of destruction and many deaths. I emailed Will's foster family a few days ago but haven't heard back from them yet. Click here to read the story about the situation and see shocking photos of a sinkhole that developed as a result of the storm.**

Back when our kids were first learning to talk, we taught them to answer simple questions. There was the typical, "What's your name?" and, "How old are you?" We also threw in, "Where were you born?" In part we taught them this because, still to this day, is it just too darn cute to hear them try to pronounce "Guatemala". More importantly, it was the simplest way we could begin to introduce them to their roots and open the door for them to start asking us questions.

For the past year or so, Will randomly would say to whoever is listening, "I was born in Guatemala." We would agree and he would go off to doing whatever he was doing. Maybe an hour would pass or maybe a whole week before we would hear again, "I was born in Guatemala."

Being the talker that he is, it was no surprise that this conversation would progress. And it has. Lately it has turned into him randomly telling us several times a day, "I was a baby when I was in Guatemala. You had to hold me. I couldn't walk. I cried. I couldn't eat. I drank from a bottle. I drank milk." I usually follow up his statements with some information about living with his foster family, or his birthparents, or how we traveled to Guatemala to adopt him. He usually ignores me and goes on to tell me about how he got his beloved (stuffed) dino that he sleeps with every night when he was in Guatemala. I am sure some of the information I tell him is sinking in but mainly at this age, he is just making connections.

He loves to talk about when he was a baby and he loves to talk about his family. To anyone he meets, or any random stranger that says hello to him when we are out and about, he points to Marcus and says, "This is my brother Marcus." On rare occasions Greg and I are lucky enough to have him introduce us as his Daddy and Mommy as well.

In our family, we read books about adoption regularly. Also in our rotation are a couple books about Guatemala. (If you are looking for an introductory book on Guatemala, I recommend Guatemala ABC's.) I dropped the ball on putting together "Life Books", or the adopted child's version of a baby book, for my kids. (According to Marcus's Life Book, he is still in Guatemala and Will's book was never started.) I know at the age of three - and being the complete motormouth that he is - Will is happy and open to talk about his past and his adoption. I always hope we have this open communication in our family.


Thursday, June 03, 2010

Favorite Foto Friday #14 - Weirdo

This crazy dude, named Dean Tomasek, was the bass player in Will Hoge's band for quite sometime. No longer with the band, but I am sure he is as weird now as he was back then. After a show a couple years ago I saw him hanging around and got up the nerve to ask him if I could get a picture with him. During the first picture some weirdo girl I never met (and didn't care to meet) insisted that she be in the photo too. Finally got her to leave and I found myself being photographed (and hugged by) this weirdo of a guy.




Had a wonderful picnic and hike with some friends of ours, their kids, and a couple of dogs about two weeks ago. We headed up to Raccoon Creek State Park. After our picnic, we drove over to the mineral springs. It was an easy hike for little legs. Somewhere along the way we did lose one family from our group mysteriously. Usually the falls are just a little trickle. Apparently the rain that we had gotten the few days before the hike really filled up the stream. There was lots of water, lots of mud, and lots of little kids (and our pup) having a grand time!