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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


With the Thanksgiving holiday followed by several other family events, I have had to wake Marcus up several times these last few days around 7-7:30. Usually that is about the time he gets up anyway so it hasn't been too much of a struggle. Finally today he got to sleep until he was really ready to get up. I tip-toed around the house this morning, since often right after I get up he seems to get up, and he slept until 8:15! Of course this threw off our entire morning schedule, but that is besides the point.

In other news, I set up an appointment for us to visit a day care center next week. I am excited about the center since I have gotten some great references. Marcus loves other kids and I am sure it is going to be a great learning environment for him. However, still... you know... I will have to leave my baby. Some days when I am tired or frustrated I think I am ready to send him off to the day care center today. But most days I dread it. I dread having a long day at work and then only getting to spend a little bit of time with him at home in the evenings. We will see how it goes. I am off work until May so we still have plenty of time together before I really have to worry about missing my little boy.



Thursday, November 23, 2006

The First Thanksgiving

Today was Marcus's first Thanksgiving. He woke up smiling, like usual, which always makes me smile. While I changed him, I told him the story of the Pilgrims and Indians. I hope I got it right. I think he liked the part where the two different groups of people, despite all their differences, discovered that life was so much happier when they worked together.

We were off to Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Bethany's house. Marcus was promptly presented with a brand new bib that announced that this was his first Thanksgiving for all at the table to see (just in case we forgot). Marcus was as happy as could be as he ate his Gerber finger foods, and was even happier when he got his first taste of mashed potatoes.

Tomorrow he gets to celebrate his second Thanksgiving at Grammy and Pap-Pap's house. I think two Thanksgivings this year is a complete necessity since we just have so much to be thankful for. We can't possibly fit all that thanks into just one day!


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stranger Danger

I have stranger danger. Talking to strangers is just dangerous. At least that is what I was always taught. I have taken two trips to the mall now with Marcus in tow and it has become inevitable that I will talk to strangers. At least, strangers will talk to Marcus. I am used to going to the mall, looking at things, ignoring everyone else there unless I accidentally bump into them or need around them, and then I go on my way. Those days are over, at least until Marcus stops being so cute.

Most people talk to Marcus. This is just the oddest thing. Am I supposed to talk back? Should I at least slow down the stroller? Or should I look the other way, run them down with my stroller, and pretend I am in a huge hurry?

Some people talk to me, asking me questions about Marcus (How much did he weigh when he was born? was the strangest so far). Some people tell me how cute he is. I just smile and say, Thank you. (The "your son is so cute" comment is a hard one for me to just smile and say, Thank you, to. It isnt like I have any control over how cute he is.) I do better when they talk to me. Then I know I am supposed to talk back.

Gone are the days when I can go out, hide behind my hair, and go along with my business. Gone ever are the days when I walk through my college town and people point and say, "There's the girl with the cool dog!" Here are the days of smiling, talking to strangers, and showing off what a fabulous child I have to all the world. I guess I can deal with it.


Friday, November 10, 2006


Things are going well in Mommyland. Marcus is taking a nap right now. We are working on getting some sort of routine going. Greg is now sick, although he doesnt have what I had thankfully.

Yesterday I told Greg that finally it seemed like this was how normal was going to be. It was pretty much Hell there for awhile. First, just trying to settle in and having visitors (which was great, dont get me wrong), and trying to unpack (which isnt done yet) and catch up on mail we missed while we were away. Then Marcus was feeling under the weather. Then I was totally down for the count. Yesterday it just felt like that was how it is going to be. Today is going great too. I am finally starting to get things done and caught up which just makes me feel good that my household is up and running again.

I am getting a little stir crazy. The weather has been incredible these last 2 days and the walk I took with Marcus and Peyote today was just what I needed. It is just such an odd thing to feel like I am cut off from the outside world now. Not that I had great conversation with people at work on a daily basis, but at least I was getting out and doing something. I think once we feel ready (and need to) head out to do some errands during the day, that will help too.



Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Guess Who's Home!

Yes, I'm sorry. I have been MIA for quite a long time. Where have I been? Adopting my son of course!

On Thursday, October 26, around 6:00pm I got a phone call from our case worker. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She said that our embassy date was the following Monday. While I was still on the phone with her, Greg was already looking for plane tickets. We needed to leave on Saturday just to be sure that we got to Guatemala and got Marcus in time to make our early morning embassy appointment on Monday. It took Greg 3 hours to find plane tickets since everything was booked so last minute. Friday we went into work and announced that it was our last day before taking parental leave. Saturday we hopped on a plane and headed to Guatemala.

We decided to wait until Sunday to be reunited with Marcus, knowing how tired we would be. We had intentions of doing some shopping and looking around Guatemala City Saturday afternoon but I was just too beat. Instead we laid low and attempted to enjoy our last night with just the two of us.

Sunday morning we got Marcus! I said I wouldn't cry this time and although I did pretty well, I still cried. It was so sad seeing him with his foster mom for the last time. She held him and fed him and tickled him, holding on for those few last minutes. We all hugged good-bye and she allowed a few of her tears to slip away.

Since then things have just been crazy. Sunday went just fine. Monday was the embassy appointment. Everyone said how stressful it was. It was not. It was soooo easy. We had two nice young ladies take us to the embassy. More or less we just sat there while they submitted everything for us. We went to one window where we had to initial some things. Then we went to another and we had to take an oath that everything in our paperwork was true. Then the lady said congrats and we were on our way. I kept looking around for the fireworks but, nope, just lots of people crowded into the building.

Tuesday we got the visa so Marcus could travel. We wanted to leave on Wednesday but we weren't able to find plane tickets so we didn't leave until Thursday. Marcus was great on the plane, slept most of the time. Immigration wasn't so bad although I don't really understand everything they said there. I guess we are waiting for some paperwork to show up.

Friday we all hung out. Our friends brought our dog back over and she seems to be doing okay, apart from making sure we know at all times that she is here too and we are not under any circumstances to forget that. Saturday the inlaws came to visit. Marcus started getting diarhrea and slept a lot of the day. He still hasn't cleared up and we took him to the doctor today but they said they thought he would be fine in a few days. Sunday I woke up really really sick. I knew I was down for the count. My parents came and brought us dinner but mostly I just slept. Poor Greg had his hands full but was doing a wonderful job. My parents left and a few hours later I was even sicker. We called for backups. My dad drove my mom all the way back (1 hour in one direction) and she got here around 10pm. Whether she realizes it or not, she was a huge help. Greg was able to do what he needed to do. Mom cooked dinner and got me toast and took me to the doctor. Mostly though I could rest knowing that all the pressure wasn't falling on Greg alone. We kept Mom around until Tuesday. (I found out today that Mom and Dad both got my illness. I'm so sorry!!)

Slowly I am hoping things are turning into what normal is going to be. I'm still tired from being sick. Greg is tired from doing everything. Plus we had some running around to do today (never did make it to the store...). Maybe tomorrow will be a good day and Marcus will decide to take his 3:00 nap at 3:00 instead of at 5:15 like he did today! But yes, he is home. We are all slowly adjusting. I go from complete high to complete low in a matter of seconds, which I have been warned would happen but never quite believed it. But most importantly, we are finally a family and that's forever!