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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Talking with Aaron

Yep, another video. Aaron has always been the more talkative of the two little guys. He enjoys telling all kinds of stories in his soft spoken manner. Might have to listen closely since Sean was crawling all over me while I was trying to get Aaron's talk on video, and Will and Marcus were also nearby.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three Things Aaron Does

Lots of new tricks around here. I guess I am on a video roll because here is the second one in a row. This is Aaron. He is demonstrating how he calls our dog, Maya. And he just learned how to go down the slide but will only do it one way. And he walks somewhat now. He is usually good for 5-10 steps at a time, so this little 1-2 steps and a fall isn't really a good example of him walking.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Entertaing Twins is EASY!


Sunday, March 04, 2012

These Two

I haven't been blogging much about my big guys. I think I might have mentioned this before. There just isn't much that is noteworthy from a day to day basis once kids get past a certain age. (Not that I blog every day by any means.) But in the big picture, these two are growing and learning and making us laugh (and pull our hair) on a daily basis.

Last summer Greg and I were watching Marcus and Will play together at the swimming pool. They were having a great time laughing while they threw a ball back and forth. I wondered out loud what would happen to their relationship as they grew older. They are still in that age where they like what other kids like their age just because that is what is cool to like. At their core, they are very different little boys. As they grow older, will opposites attract or will they cause friction? Will they learn to agree to disagree or just butt heads? Or maybe they will find that they really do agree!

Marcus is loving kindergarten and loving his teacher. I ask him sometimes who his best friend is and it is almost never the same kid twice. During recess lately he has mostly reported that he plays freeze tag. Sometimes he plays with the other boys in his class. Sometimes he plays freeze tag with girls only. His teacher reports that he is funny and gets along well with everyone. Each time he mentions a friend, he follows that up with whether that friend is faster than him or whether he is faster than his friend. All the teachers I have talked to at the school mention at the forefront how incredibly quiet Marcus is. The thing we have to remind him at home most often is to stop being so loud! He is a perfectionist (always has been) and his fear of saying the wrong thing at school, I think, leads to him being so quiet. He is learning to read which is just a fascinating process to watch. Marcus struggled a bit with reading at first but suddenly it seems that it is all starting to make sense to him. Marcus loves Fridays because that is art class which is his favorite.

Will is finishing up his final year of preschool. After many sleepless nights, talking with teachers and doctors and friends and anyone who would listen, we decided that next year he will be off to kindergarten. Will just has more important things to do in his life than to sit down and learn letters and numbers. Sometimes I get panicky that he doesn't know what he needs to, then a day later he surprises me with knowledge and skills I didn't realize he had. It's in there, but he just doesn't bother to pull it out unless he is in the right mood. Mostly he would rather play and socialize... but who wouldn't? Whereas Marcus likes to try everything, Will is pretty set in his ways and the things he likes and doesn't like to do. He is obsessed with anything Star Wars and also loves tools and trucks and dirt. He is quite content playing alone and entertaining himself with his imagination. As much as we try to keep violence out of our house, that kid grasps onto anything related to shooting or fighting like there is no tomorrow.

And they are both still playing soccer! And they love it! We were going to try out karate but, long story short, it just didn't seem to work with our schedule. Marcus is really quite remarkable on the soccer field. Often times when they head out to soccer Marcus tells us that he is going to try to help Will score a goal. I just love how these two look out for each other. I took Marcus out alone one day to do errands. He made sure to get a sticker to take home to Will. The following day Will and I went to do errands. When a cashier handed him a lollipop, he told her right away that he had a brother at home that would like a lollipop too. Makes me so proud to be their mother.

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