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Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm only about a month late, but that doesn't change the fact that Marcus is now a great big 5 year old! I still can't believe that my first baby, the person in this world who made me a mother, is actually 5. No longer is he this little 1 year old you see here:

Nope. He is this great big 5 year old who barely fits in our timeout chair:

What to say about my Marcus... He's awesome, of course. He has had a bit of a rough year which is mostly because he is now a big brother to not just one brother, but to three brothers. It has been a bit of an adjustment for him not have as much time with me, but he is building a great relationship with Greg. He LOVES being the "biggest brother". He is always so kind to his littlest brothers. Most of the time he acts just as you would expect two brothers to act when it comes to Will, but other times he can be so considerate you just want to scoop him up and hug him just in hopes to absorb a tiny bit of the goodness he is so full of.

Marcus is still my big helper. We recently cut way back on TV watching in our house and an unexpected result is how much more he wants to do things around here. He is constantly asking Greg or me if there is something he can help us with. He does laundry, puts clothes on hangers, folds towels, sets the table, clears the table, helps cook, gets his own snack for both him and his brother (and even me sometimes), vacuums, dusts, puts away toys, cleans windows... the list could just go on and on. I never realized just how much 5 year olds can do, and just how much I would be grateful for him doing these things and making my life easier!

I've always called Marcus my passionate boy, and that hasn't changed. He still puts everything he has into whatever he is trying to accomplish. This often translates to him being incredibly competitive. Everything in Marcus's world is measured by what is bigger and faster, because those two things are apparently what is important. He loves soccer and is getting pretty good at it. We are taking a short hiatus from soccer to play baseball and he loves that too. He is still interested in art projects but will pass them by any day if there is an opportunity to run and play physically. His all time favorite activity is any game - bored game, sport, hide-n-seek, or whatever he decides to make up. Dinosaurs and race cars are very cool. He loves to learn, loves school, and is finally excited to be headed off to big kid school next year for kindergarten. I can't believe he is going to kindergarten. Wow.

Marcus is absorbing things in school like a sponge. Last year his teachers said he never talked. This year he is much more comfortable and is opening up a lot to his teachers and classmates. He isn't reading yet but certainly will be soon. He knows what sound just about every letter makes and often will announce to me what letter a certain word begins with. He can count at least to 29, higher if you remind him of all the names of the numbers that end in 0 (like 30, 40, 50, etc).

And he is five!! How did this happen?


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Hope you and yours had a great holiday. Happy Easter from my big guys...

...and my little guys.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Six of Us

It has only take three and a half months, but finally everyone was present, everyone was awake, everyone was happy, no one was eating, and there was someone else around that could take a picture of it. Presenting our first picture of our entire family of six together.

Now we just have to get a picture with our pup in it too.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Coming Home

I have lots of reasons why I love coming home, but in the spring, this sight that I get to see when I come down my driveway is one of the best parts about coming home.


Thursday, April 07, 2011


Life has been a bit busy lately... for some odd reason. I keep trying grab my camera at various times and just snap a picture or two of whatever everyday thing might be going on. Here are a few.