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Monday, August 20, 2012

Staycation 2012 - Day 1

We decided to be all trendy this year and take a staycation instead of those vacation things that all the non-cool people do. Trying to find a way to pack 6 people, a dog, and all the stuff those people/canines need for a week into a 7 passenger vehicle and then drive for 10 hours (one way) doesn't sound fun at all. In all likelihood we put more miles on the car during our staycation than we would have if we had traveled to the beach, but driving all those miles over the course of a week instead of in two travel days was easier on everyone. We all did some sleeping in (in our own beds) and did way more activities than we would have dared had we gone away. I asked Marcus and Will what their favorite day/activity was this week. They both had the same answer. "Every day was my favorite!"

My favorite meal of the week was the one I cooked at home the night before our official staycation day number 1. It was a kickoff to staycation meal and it was gooooood. IMG_1570

Day 1 - Idlewild
Idlewild is only the number 1 kid's park in the world. What better way to start off our staycation than to drive the hour and a half there. We actually went to Idlewild earlier this summer. There is so much to do there, that we didn't even hit up a few sections the first time we went. I'm pretty sure our staycation day at Idlewild was the busiest day ever at the park. IMG_1571
I have a picture of Marcus in this pig thing when he was 3 so I wanted to get a new one. But because Marcus is now 6, he doesn't want to anything his mother suggests. So when he made a grumpy face I kept urging him to look even more miserable. "Come on! You can make a face FAR more miserable than that!" IMG_1580
And the minute I insisted that was good and I was done taking his picture, Marcus insisted that I take one with him smiling. Which just proves I am awesome at reverse psychology. IMG_1584
Apparently reverse psychology doesn't work on Will because this was all I got. IMG_1587
The little kids rode tons of rides and loved it. Aaron loved them so much that every time a ride would come to an end, he would break down in tears. So this picture, was not because he hated the ride. IMG_1607
The big kids rode every ride in the little kids area at least once. It was such a fun day that I didn't realize until the next day that I only rode two rides all day. I never knew I could have so much fun at an amusement park just watching other people ride!


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