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Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Party!

Yesterday was Marcus's 3rd birthday party. To say that he was excited is an understatement. I let him have a big part in deciding what to have for the party. He picked out train invitations and plates, party hats from the movie Cars, and a Backyardigans cake. He talked about his party so much during the week that we decided to have a pretend party to practice. The day before the party he came across a picture of a cake with a candle on it in a magazine and we practiced singing Happy Birthday, making a wish, and blowing out a candle. Thanks to our family for coming to sing and bringing lots of fun presents for Marcus! Enjoy the pictures while I enjoy the last two days of Marcus being 2 before he officially has his birthday.

The kids spent most of the party running - either from each other, their cousins, Maya, or some combination.

Marcus was a pro at unwrapping his presents. Maya was trying to help some and at one point Marcus was yelling to remind her that these were his presents.

Will was not at all pleased that the stack of presents weren't for him.

So excited!

Getting ready for the big moment!

And he blew the candles out all by himself this year!

One of Marcus's gifts was this collapsible barn. All the kids - Marcus, Will, and their two cousins - really enjoyed it.

Maya even enjoyed it, although she had a tendency to try to lay on the sides of the walls and make it start to collapse with everyone inside.

With a little prompting, Marcus was a very courteous birthday boy. He thanked everyone for his gifts and thanked them for coming. He even shared his presents with his brother and cousins... mostly. Just lately he has been seeming so grownup to me. Each year around his birthday I have taken his picture in the same chair. He certainly is growing up.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Picture - Marcus

There will be lots more on Marcus soon but I figured I better present Marcus's picture page. Here he is hanging out with his beloved Bear. I gave Marcus Bear the day we met him and Bear has slowly become an important part of this family.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Pictures - Will

Will is feeling much much better. While Marcus was suffering from illness and spent a lot of time sleeping, I got some time to hang out with Will and snap some pictures. He of course still has that killer smile.

And apparently he needed to show off his tongue too. (This was right about the time Will was starting to get sick so just ignore his runny nose.)

Will has been repeating a lot of the phrases that we say around the house. Lately he has picked up the things that I say to Maya a lot. When I call her, I kneel down, smack my hand on my thigh and say, "Come on, Maya!" He refuses to call her Maya though and usually says, "Come on, doggie." Anytime he is going to walk away from me he points at me and shakes his finger while he says, "Be back." Not sure where he got the pointing and shaking finger but I often tell him that I will be right back. Yesterday he was in the basement already and I was still getting something out of the car. He knelt down, started smacking his hand on his thigh and started calling, "Come on, Mommy! Come on, Mommy!"

Started upping the idea of potty training with him recently. He is always very tentative of any new activity (unless the activity involves him being social and then he jumps right in) so I am hoping to slowly introduce this so he doesn't pull out his stubborn and completely unwilling side. He's still been going number two on the potty like a champ and has peed a couple times on the potty but he certainly doesn't pee consistently on there. Lately I have been able to get him to sit on the potty a couple times during the day, times that are Marcus's usual potty times like before meals or nap. The first couple times he didn't want anything to do with it but now that he has realized how silly I act when he does pee on the potty, he not only gets excited about having a chance to sit on the potty but he pees every time! I'm really in no hurry to get him potty trained though. There really is quite a convenience to diapers. Maybe after Marcus is able to use the potty with a little less assistance I'll be ready to take the plunge.

A couple more pics just because:


Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have been looking forward to today from the moment I got the idea to plan it. I was dropping the kids off for my mom to enjoy them while I went to do some errands. To some this might not sound like a big deal but cannot honestly think of a single time since becoming a mom that I did errands while kid free. Although I do get some time to do things without my kids, they are always social activities with my friends. I do really like hanging out with my friends but there is also something good to be said about hanging out with myself. I thought briefly about taking my camera with me to take pictures for my blog of me out in public by myself but not only would that have been totally silly, but it just would have been too hard to get a good photo since it would have had to have been a self photo and my arms are just entirely too short for that to work.

The kids were pretty excited about getting to spend some time without Mom at Grammi's house. So excited that as soon as we pulled into my parents' driveway the kids started saying, "Bye bye Mommy!!"

First stop was Target. I parked and got out of the car and just walked right inside! There was no trying to get kids unbuckled and lifting kids from seats and making sure hands were held and getting Will into a cart and reminding Marcus that if he was going to walk he needed to listen. I was flying through the store. In about 40 minutes I was back at my car and my birthday shopping was done, I had a bunch of goodies for Easter baskets, and even Maya had a treat.

Then it was off to a print shop where my friend works. I needed a copy for something for our "adoption stuff" and I hadn't seen my friend forever. Got the copy and then off to the courthouse to submit everything. The woman who usually handles the registration of foreign births was on the phone but the lady helping me said everything looked fine. According to her, she didn't even think that we needed to appear in court. A judge will probably just review and sign off on everything and that will be that! Then it was back to the print shop to run in to see my friend since I realized I had her birthday card in my purse. Had I been with the kids, I never would have gone back because it would have been one more time I needed to get the kids in and out of the car.

Hmm... still had more time... What to do? Starbucks! I treated myself to a highly overpriced cup of chai and ran into a friend. Then it was off to the Outlets to find some pj's for Will.

In just over 2 hours I was able to go to five different places. Had kids been in tow, that would have taken me a minimum of three mornings to complete.

The only downfall was once I got home and the kids were "napping", I had a crazy puppy that needed some attention. Normally during nap time I am able to get a couple things done around the house but today I was forced to play fetch and tug which was more fun than laundry anyway. Just looking forward to the next time I can send the kids to Grammi's!


Adoption Stuff

Who would have thought that after all this time home with my two boys that I would be revisiting adoption paperwork. That would be because I am a slacker, but more on that in a minute.

Tuesday I took the kids with me to the county courthouse to pick up the forms I needed to fill out and submit to register their foreign births. I am determined to get this taken care of... since Marcus has ONLY been home with us for 2.5 years and Will has ONLY been home with us for 1.5 years. Last night I got everything together and everything filled out and today I hope to have enough time to drop it off. Yeah!

I had to go through a bunch of the kids' adoption paperwork last night to fill out the forms. It had been a while since I looked through it. Mostly it just made me sad. I was so focused on bringing a child into my life that although I was aware of the terrible loss my kids' birthfamilies had to endure, I was blinded too by my own happiness to get to parent them. And yes, Marcus and Will drive me completely mad sometimes, but every single day I am so glad that we are family. Reading through the reasons why their birthfamilies weren't able to parent them just breaks my heart. I was brought to tears when I read that Marcus's birthmom said she was willing to meet with us to assure us that her decision to not parent Marcus was voluntary and in the best interest of Marcus. I feel this almost empty feeling inside when I think about how I will never get the chance to let Marcus and Will's birthmoms know how loved their children are, how even though I make lots of mistakes I try so hard to raise these children in a way that would make their birthmoms proud. If only I could hug them and tell them gracias... and also how sorry I am that they had to make this decision.

Enough of that touchy-feely stuff. I want to defend myself as a slacker. See, we never bothered doing this final part of the paperwork with Marcus because we started the adoption of Will around the time Marcus came home. Our social worker said we should just hold off and do all the paperwork after Will came home to save us on attorney fees. Then Will came home and after two years of doing paperwork to make us a family of four, the last thing I wanted to do was more paperwork. I just wanted to settle in to being a family. About six months passed and finally I figured I would do something. So, I called an attorney last summer who sent us lots of paperwork. Shortly after receiving the paperwork, I got a letter from the attorney stating that laws had changed and as long as my kids were US citizens (which they are), we didn't even need an attorney. So I sat on my butt for a couple more months before finding out what I needed to do in order to do all the paperwork without an attorney. Finally Greg was sent on a mission to the courthouse (this was all before we moved so it was a different courthouse) to get the paperwork. I didn't understand some of it so I put off calling anyone to find out what it meant. Then I finally called and was told we had to do the name changes first, then we could go through the process to get the Pennsylvania birth certificates. Really, our adoptions are complete and final and all that good stuff and the only reason we were doing anything was to get our kids' names changed and get the PA birth certificates... so what was the hurry? I don't think the information was correct about needing the name changes first but we did go through that whole process at the end of last summer. I really hoped to finish the last part prior to moving but the moving thing ended up happening so fast that there was really no time. So, here we are in a new county which means we have to finish this process through a new county courthouse. Two friends ended up using an attorney to finish their paperwork for their adoptions so I gave that attorney a call thinking we should probably just use an attorney to get all this stuff over with. The attorney said that I didn't need her services at all and all I needed to do was call the Register of Wills at our courthouse. Did that last week, found out I needed to come in and get the forms, and here I am hoping to turn everything in FINALLY today. So see, I am not a total slacker. I did try - and procrastinate - for some time now to do all this.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pictures - Maya

Haven't been posting too many pictures lately so here is a small attempt to post pictures. Next up will be pictures of the human kids... hopefully...

First up: Maya. She's doing great. Hardly any potty issues anymore. Her playful bites are still present, but for the most part she mostly licks. If you catch her mood right, she will even sit and cuddle for a bit. And although she is 2.5 times the size she was less than two months ago, she is most certainly still adorable.

And although she is a good dog, there are times when good dogs go bad. But really, who doesn't like a slinky or two? (Just for the record, these slinkys had seen better days so I gave them to her. She didn't steal them. Okay, well technically I gave them to the kids and she stole them from the kids but I figured that would happen.)

Just this morning she was all relaxed and Marcus was giving her a nice little belly rub. Then she started to get a little wound up.

In a matter of seconds this led to the initiation of the take down.

Not pictured would be two seconds later when the take down was complete and Maya was using Marcus's ear as a chew toy.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love a great bargain... and my friends are okay too.

I've been planning on writing this post for a week now. Finally.

A week ago, our nuclear family headed to the outlet mall because I heard one of the kid's stores there was having a huge sale. Despite the fact that the outlets are about 3 miles away, I hardly ever go there. Of course I parked on the wrong end of the place and we had to walk all the way around to get to The Children's Place. Greg was instructed to hold the bag and I thought he was going to have a heart attack while I dumped armfuls of stuff in there. This is what we came home with:

There are 2 fleece pullovers, 7 long sleeved t-shirts, 2 long sleeved collared shirts, 2 pairs of cords, and 2 pairs of slippers. Everything is a size bigger than what the kids are wearing now so hopefully something will fit one of them next fall. No one item cost me more than $2.99 and the color returned to Greg's face when the cashier announced that the total was $36.

Apparently my friends are pretty cool. They might not be that punctual but they are cool. A group of my knitting girls all got together to make me a housewarming gift. Now sure, you might note that I was left to warm my house on my own for the past six months, but really that is just a minor detail. Seven of my knitting friends hand knit me a dishtowel a piece. They are so unique and pretty that I think I might just display them and enjoy their beauty rather than use them.

Thank you all for your wonderful and unexpected gift!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Trip

We took another trip to MedExpress on Saturday. Woohoo! Will came down with what Marcus had. I was hoping Will would last until Monday so he could go to his regular doctor but then he woke up from his nap Saturday with a horrible cough and was just miserable. Will doesn't tend to be the most cooperative of patients (remember, this is the kid who freaked out at the vet office) so Greg, Marcus, and I all went for moral support. Although there were a few tears he did much better than expected. Best of all, there was only one person ahead of us instead of facing a full house like Marcus and I did a few days before.

The diagnosis: two ears infected. His lungs sounded clear but with his bad cough, the doctor said he might have pneumonia. She also said she was a mom herself and was happy to forgo the stress of an xray to check out his lungs and instead put him on an antibiotic that would cover his ear infection as well as a touch of pneumonia if he had it.

So, we are all trying to get well. Both kids are doing much better already. The biggest issue now is that they still get these coughing fits that get so intense they end up throwing up. ***Stop reading here if throw up talk grosses you out.*** Will threw up at the breakfast table. I know I'm pretty well into this whole mom thing when I sat there and continued to eat while Greg cleaned it up. Marcus got a coughing fit outside today and threw up in the garden. Then while I was typing this up I heard someone cough and it sounded like that someone threw up but there were no tears of fussing following. I went to check it out and Will threw up in his bed and apparently planned on leaving it there all night. All is well (and clean) now. Ahhh.... parenthood. Hopefully this stage of the sickness passes soon. I can't do laundry. A small part in our washing machine broke and although it is simple and inexpensive to fix, the part won't be in for another 6 days.

I have all these plans to post some other stuff with pictures and things that don't involve grossness but the grossness is kinda taking over the posts this week. Back on track with fun stuff soon.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Atypical 24 Hours

The weather yesterday was PERFECT. It was sunny and in the low 70's. We hit up playgroup in the morning and then off to story time just before lunch. After nap I was really looking forward to enjoying the sunshine with the boys. But instead, I got to spend the evening at MedExpress.

As I mentioned in my last post, Marcus had a pretty high fever on Monday that went down with Tylenol. He was slow to get moving on Tuesday but was fine by Tuesday evening, running and playing and being his normal self. Then he started coughing early Wednesday morning and never stopped. By the time Greg got home from work on Wednesday, Marcus was in tears because he could barely catch his breath and I was in tears because he was so miserable and I couldn't do anything about it. So, I did the only thing I could do and packed him into the car and headed to MedExpress. (MedExpress is like a walk-in doctor's office in case you don't know.) Apparently everyone else in town needed express medical attention too because the place was packed. We ended up being there for two hours. Two hours of anything with a toddler is too much, and definitely too much when it involves waiting and being sick at the same time. I'm just glad I thought to grab some snacks and a book as we ran out the door.

After the two hours were up, Marcus was diagnosed with a double ear infection, had received his first x-ray (of his chest, and he smiled when they took the "picture"), received a breathing treatment, and had one doctor say he had a touch of pneumonia and another doctor say she wasn't sure it was pneumonia. After all that, still had to head across the street to get a prescription filled. I opted to send Greg back out to pick it up when they told me I was going to need to wait 30 minutes. Yeah, we had waited long enough. I decided that I really need to start thinking faster with adoption related questions in front of my kids since they are starting to really understand stuff. The nurse asked about Marcus's medical history and I stumbled over my words and said something like, "Oh, he's adopted." I am sure it was fine this time around, but I didn't want it to sound like that was some sort of ailment or problem. I probably should have just said, "It's unknown."

Marcus is doing somewhat better. He was really slow getting up this morning and getting up after nap and did a lot of hanging out on the couch. I could definitely tell the meds were starting to work by this evening and his cough is a hundred times better.

So what do you do when your kid had pneumonia? I'll tell you what I did today. I packed him into the car along with Will and Maya and we went to the vet. Yep, I am totally crazy. I felt completely calm during our trip out today but I felt all these people staring at me and thinking, "Wow, that lady is crazy." Hmm... yeah... two two year olds (one with pneumonia and the other with a cough) and a three month old puppy for one person to handle while at the vet is pretty insane, even for me. Sometimes you just got to do what you got to do, particularly when other childcare options aren't available. Really, all was well. Maya happy peed several times because people are just so exciting. Will whimpered in the waiting room and cried in the exam room. No way of really knowing why but I am guessing he thought that HE had to see the doctor. Maya apparently doesn't like the vet too much and spent the entire time with her face buried in my neck, which was just too cute. According to the scale in the waiting room, Maya now weighs 25 lbs, up 9 lbs in four weeks. Marcus clocked in at 32 lbs and Will weighed 28 lbs. I stayed far far away from that scale. Extra precautions were taken and Maya didn't have a reaction to the vaccine like last time. However, instead of giving her the combo vaccine, they are splitting it up into three different shots so lucky me, I get to take her back again in two weeks for round 2 of 3.

To conclude this 24 hour period summed up in this entry, I gave a call to the county court house to find out what needs to be done to finally do the very last part of the adoption. We don't actually have to do it but we would like to get US Birth Certificates for the kids and we have just put this off way too long. We actually almost had the process done but then we moved out of the county and I have to do everything through our new county office. It all seems simple enough. I just have to pick up the forms from the court house and get some stuff together. I would love to get everything picked up tomorrow so we can get to work and get it over with, but I am thinking we could all use a day to just lounge around the house in our pj's.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to Reality

After a great weekend away, I got a fast dose of reality. I had very interrupted sleep last night because Maya decided to march back and forth across my head repeatedly. Marcus had a temperature of 103.2 today and has spent most of the day hanging out with Bear on the couch. Pretty sure it is just a cold. Will decided to spend the majority of nap time screaming because he didn't want to nap. Welcome home!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Divine Secrets of the Girls Weekend

I feel so fresh and rejuvenated! I just had an incredible weekend with some girls. Eight of us planned this weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods months ago and none of us could believe that the time had finally arrived. I left pretty early on Friday morning to drive one carload of girls and didn't get back until this afternoon. There were no diapers, no bedtimes, no trying to get kids to listen, no husbands, and no one to be responsible for except ourselves. Bliss! We pretty much wasted the first 24 hours away by interjecting every 10 minutes, "I'm having so much fun!" It was the first time ever I took a trip with a group of girls. It was something I always hoped to do but just never had a group of girls that I would want to spend an entire weekend with until now. We ate lots of really yummy food, drank a few drinks, knitted, hiked, toasted marshmallows around an open fire, slept in bunk beds (at least I did, on the top bunk, woohoo!!), watched girlie movies, and laughed so hard that we cried. I can't go into too great of details because you know how it goes... what happens in the cabin in the woods, stays at the cabin in the woods. One of the highlights of my weekend personally was when I woke up this morning and looked at the clock. It was 9:28. That is easily the latest I have slept in the past 3 years, probably more like the past 5 years. As far as I could tell, none of us got on each other's nerves the whole weekend and I am happy to report that at least most of the girls were blown away by my fireside rendition of the theme from the show "Golden Girls". Someone, who shall remain nameless, insisted that we watch the movie version of "Mama Mia". I initially swore everyone to secrecy because after my mom hounded me for months to watch that movie with her, I decided I would never watch it out of spite. About 20 minutes into the movie I couldn't wait to tell my mom that we attempted to watch her beloved movie but we were all so thoroughly disappointed that we turned it off!! And this is just one of the reason I love these girls: they don't like sucky movies! The weekend excitement kind of came to a grinding halt when a few of the ladies started to pass around a stomach bug beginning Saturday night. So far I am pretty sure I managed to escape virus free but my heart goes out to those of you that fell victim. I am pretty sure we are planning to make our girls weekend an annual thing so hopefully we can make up for some of this year's issues in the future.

Greg survived well at home, despite a few injuries. Will managed to climb out of his crib and it sounded like he landed headfirst. He was scared more than anything and has not attempted a repeat performance. Hopefully it stays that way because he really needs to be contained when he isn't being completely supervised. Marcus required a bandaid as a result of wrestling with Maya, and losing. Marcus, Will, and Greg only seemed mildly excited about my return. Maya was beside herself with joy. Even though I had a great time doing secret things in the woods, I am glad to be back with the family... and showered.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


I should probably write an entry one of these days about how Marcus has so much to say anymore that it is really quite amusing. Or I could talk about how Will likes to copy all the things that I do and it is particularly cute when he talks to Maya the way I do, saying things like, "Go git it!" and "Come here!" in his little kid voice. But instead, I am going to scare everyone with the details of a dream I had last night.

In this dream...
I went to see Dave Matthews Band at some odd venue. I was on the fourth floor of this venue, which was more like a building that was under construction. I was just hanging out with Amanda and some other girl waiting for the show to start. It was really early and there was hardly anyone there. Some mean girl had some sort of machine that would spit out all those little styrofoam pellets that are in beanbag chairs. She was shooting it at my face. I wasn't going to take that kind of crap so I grabbed the thing from her and threw it off the fourth floor of wherever I was. Amanda was all freaked out and started telling me how the mean girl was going to kill me because the mean girl had been known to hurt people so badly that they couldn't birth children. I was all, "That's not going to work with me because I won't take her crap and besides, I don't want to birth children anyway." Nonetheless, Amanda, me, and the random chick we were with decided it would probably be a good idea if we found somewhere else to hang out while we waited for Dave to play. So we went to a different floor. Besides, we just remembered that we were meeting my ConcertBFF at the concert too and we had to find him. We ended up on the first floor and I was watching these people try to dance on seesaws and Amanda was all, "Whatever you do, do not turn around. Walk away slowly because that mean girl is behind you and she doesn't see you yet but she will soon and you will be dead." So I walked away slowly but mean girl saw me anyway and I didn't know what to do. I decided to go hang out by ConcertBFF because I thought maybe she wouldn't bother me if I was around a tough looking guy. Then I remembered that ConcertBFF doesn't really look that tough and it wasn't like he could really defend me and all since you wouldn't even see mean girl coming. (FYI, ConcertBFF is blind.) I went and got ConcertBFF anyway and suggested that we make friends with a security guard. ConcertBFF was all, "What is up with you almost getting into a fight at every concert you go to?" And I was all, "Shut up. At least I did something about having beanbag balls shot at my face. You wouldn't have."

Then I woke up for the day completely refreshed and at ease knowing how incredibly normal I am.


Monday, March 09, 2009

25 more Things... again

Yet another 25 Things I Never Said Until I Had Kids - a list of phrases that Greg and I have actually muttered in our household since becoming parents. For the previous lists, click here, here, here, and here.

101. What did you think was going to happen when you stuck your face in the dog's butt?
102. Only poopers get M's.
103. I know you've got Santa's kinky balls, but that's no excuse for banging elephants.
104. Santa would never bring yellow presents to a kid who doesn't eat pizza.
105. You stole my jingly booty!
106. It's very important to keep your hands off your brother's ho.
107. We're not dusting Mommy's bras.
108. Get your Hot Pocket off your head.
109. We eat plate food, not butt food.
110. Let me finish loading up this toothbrush and then I'll do the chicken dance.
111. It's dark outside, but there's still poop out there.
112. If you freak out, I'm going to pee on you.
113. That's not a snake, it's just cheese.
114. You could have special animals, too, if you didn't eat them.
115. Pooping is not a competition.
116. Put your underwear on so we can play.
117. I was just playing the bum drum and didn't feel any lumps.
118. I don't think you should be drinking run-off from your brother's head.
119. You are not an authorized participant in this pooping process.
120. Don't talk with your mouth full. Unless you are on fire.
121. Do not drop kick your monkey.
122. That's a maraca, not Barack Obama.
123. Oh my goodness: dripples!
124. You should sing "Happy Birthday" to your Hot Pocket.
125. Close your eyes and think of your big girl with purple hair.



We are all happy!

Marcus informed me today, "Mommy's happy. Daddy's happy too. Marcus's happy. Will's happy. Maya happy. Bear happy." Then he pointed at the seashells on the shower curtain his bathroom and said, "Seashell's happy." Good to know!


Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Little Bit of Sunshine

After my last depressing post, all is well around here. It is amazing what a little bit of sunshine and warm weather will do. My house has stayed amazingly clean these past few days because we have spent all our time outside, often without coats on since it has been so warm! I'm actually writing this blog Sunday evening while hanging out on my deck in a sweatshirt and bare feet. Parenting has been easy (GASP!) these last few days. I just take the kids and the pup outside in our yard and there are very few problems to be had. No fighting over toys since we really don't have our outside toys out yet. No board puppy that likes to entertain herself by tackling the kids and nibbling on their ears. Instead we have taken walks in the woods (which both kids whined and complained about the entire time), done yard work (which led to the kids getting mad at the pup when she tried to help with their armfuls of weeds), played on the swing set (which lead to arguments about whose turn it was to slide and whose turn it was to use a particular swing), and run up and down the driveway (which led to two kids with skinned knees). Nothing could be better! Well, maybe it could be slightly better if this weather was planning on sticking around.

A couple of pictures...

Maya mid ear nibble:

Maya, our big tough doggie:

Marcus and Will rock:


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

In like a lion, out like a lamb

Every year I try to give myself a pep talk come March with that saying about how it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. (Is this really a saying or something my mom made up because I don't actually recall anyone ever saying it besides my mom and now I am saying it which is starting to scare me to death that I am becoming my mother.) Winter is sucking the life out of me. I haven't been myself for the past couple weeks and I am really hoping that a change in weather will lead to a change in my mentality. Poor Greg gets to hear on a daily basis about all my complaints and he surprisingly hasn't run for the hills. Marcus has even taken to asking me lots of times throughout the day, "Mommy, you happy?" That is the sweetest thing ever, but also makes me unhappy that I am so obviously not my spunky self that my two year old is picking up on it. If I answer him with anything other than a yes, he gives me a big hug and asks me if that made me happy. That always makes me happy!

No real point to this post other than to say that I am here and grumpy and tired and at a point where I feel like telling everyone about it. Surely things are looking up though. I have a girls weekend planned soon that I NEED. No kids, no husbands, no puppies, but lots of food and wine. Despite the fact that my lawn is still rather frosty today, tomorrow the temperature will be nearing 60 and it is supposed to hit 70 this weekend! Hmm... but then it will be getting close to short wearing weather and my mind is not ready to expose my legs to that.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wii are so Fat

Wii decided wii should stop spending so much time in front of our TV playing Guitar Hero. Although it is stimulating to the mind and our creative side, wii thought wii could probably use something to get our bodies moving. Wii were right. Wii got Wii Fit a week ago. Wii stepped on and wii were told that wii are fat. Yes, our Wii actually said that. My Wii Mii is all plumped up and so is Greg's Wii Mii. Marcus had to show us up by getting on the balance board that came with the game only to discover that he is bordering on being underweight. My plump Mii gets to stand next to his stick thin Mii making mii feel even fatter. Wii haven't had too much spare time to dedicate to slimming up our Miis, but so far wii haven't found too many of the games or exercises too intense. It is still fun and wii are moving a little more. Wii definitely recommend it!