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Sunday, August 28, 2011

25 Things

Check out our latest list of 25 Things I Never Said Until I Had Kids. It has been a long time since I posted these - not because we haven't been saying odd things but because we haven't had time to write them down. It seems our current list contains lots of nursing baby related items along with the normal potty humor. To see the rest of the list, follow the links.


252. Sorry to disappoint you with my lack of buffalo pooping photos.
253. Stop dripping on your brother.
254. Why don't you put your pj's on so you're not running around naked looking for a sheep.
255. We don't pee any differently just because it's Christmas.
256. Relax. I'm just trying to get the pee out of your ear.
257. That's the classy way to drink from a boob.
258. One of these days I'll be able to sit at the dinner table without my boob hanging out.
259. I almost bit the dust on a brachiasaurus.
260. You don't need a spaceman outfit to drive a tractor.
261. If you put that tail in your mouth, you'll be in timeout.
262. The yogurt is vanilla-flavored. Not Noah-flavored.
263. Can you come here and examine poop with me?
264. Do you need to be in timeout for not eating worms after I told you to?
265. You need to remain seated throughout the entire process of pooping.
266. Are you wearing underwear to the baseball game?
267. We don't need a picture of you humping the Exersaucer.
268. He invented a new hobby at 2 in the morning. Muslim licking.
269. We got all clean without any Hoochie Mamas.
270. Yay! Mommy is getting her boobs out!
271. Do you want to sit down and play with your balls?
272. All that looking at dead animals wore us out.
273. We don't need to wear gardening gloves to play baseball.
274. I wish I had shoved a diaper in my underwear.
275. Get on that boob! Daddy wants some ice cream!


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