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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

25 Things

Check out our latest list of 25 Things I Never Said Until I Had Kids. To see the rest of the list, follow the links.


226. There will be no popping weasels at the table.
227. Get off your brother's nuggets.
228. Keep your cheese-water to your self.
229. It's called a "calculator", not a "copulator".
230. One bottle, one cheese, two lizards: that's fair.
231. It's hard to play a guitar that's trying to bite you.
232. I have to pick up poopies and apples.
233. That's a wine stopper. We should try that on you.
234. Do not talk to your grapes.
235. I hate it when my chocolate milk is spicy.
236. You'd better save your milk or you're going to be itching your tongue.
237. If you are going to insist on acting like a dog then I will start feeding you dog food and expressing your anal glands.
238. Stop pouring caveman-water in your ear.
239. That's exactly why we don' put seahorses in our guitar.
240. You grew in my neck like a goiter?
241. Yeah, it's nice, huh? Don't pee on it.
242. Wing mirrors are not a fruit.
243. Sing and rub.
244. You have a lot of underwear fixing to do.
245. I don't think we need play-by-play of how the Steelers poop.
246. There is no reason for milk to make noise.
247. I thought I saw a brown liquid stain in there, but it was just Thomas.
248. The rules don't change just because you have pajamas on.
249. Get it off your face. Your butt was just on there.
250. You know, not everybody has a belly-zebra.

At 2:17 PM, Blogger Justin and Jessica said...

Love reading these! They're hilarious!

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Kaye said...

These are so funny. :) My favorite is #233. :)


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